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The Path to a IT Security Career

What do you want to be in IT..??

There is lots of different careers in it. If you want to be in Computer Security First start learning programming and don’t start in VB..

Start with Python as its a powerful language in both Windows and Linux. Once done that learn TCP/IP its a must to learn that both for programming and just basic network knowledge. If you have some money saved buy 2 computers..set them up..one with Microsoft Windows XP Pro the other with Linux Slackware. Now learn C programming, you can learn that within 1 month easy..

Once you learn C and know Python secure the Windows system as tight as you can and same to the Linux one.. Make the Windows System a website domain and do the same to the Linux system, find ways to gain access to the computers. Learn SQL, Oracle, Assemble, MS-DOS, Keep learning Linux and also look into UNIX and MACosx…It should take 1 Year to do all this and you then can look into Certificates as you should be able to pass them very easy.. Do Comptia Security+, OSCP, Ethical Hacker, MCSE. You can now get a ok job in IT, or offer your services to companies as a contractor, when You go to a interview show them programs you have made, your experience in Security do not show them Hacks you have made or done. Once your got a lil bit more money or saved up $1000 buy a cheap cisco router and a firewall ids like sonicwall.. Setup the router and learn everything you can about them, buy a cheap cisco switch and do the same thing..also learn as much as you can on Firewall evasion and IDS. Go do the CCNA, CCSP and look into Checkpoint Certs.. Now you can get any job in IT Security and be paid a wage of up to $100,000+ a year, once you have that job for 1 year look into doing CISSP.. But one tip..Never stop learning as IT keeps updating.

Hope this helps.

This works I know cause that’s how I learned in this order on programming..

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