Google Search Hacking

Google Operators:

Operators are used to refine the results and to maximize the search value. They are your tools as well as ethical hackers’ weapons

Basic Operators:

+, -, ~ , ., *, “”, |,


Advanced Operators:

allintext:, allintitle:, allinurl:, bphonebook:, cache:, define:, filetype:, info:, intext:, intitle:, inurl:, link:, phonebook:, related:, rphonebook:, site:, numrange:, daterange

Basic Operators

(+) force inclusion of something common

Google ignores common words (where, how, digit, single letters) by default:
Example: Spider Man Episode +I

(-) exclude a search term
Example: banana-yellow

(“) use quotes around a search term to search exact phrases:
Example: “Fajar Sepgian”
Basic Operators

(~) search synonym:
Example: ~food
Return the results about food as well as recipe, nutrition and cooking information

( . ) a single-character wildcard:
Example: m.trix

Return the results of M@trix, matrix, metrix…….
( * ) any word wildcard

Advanced Operators: “Site:”

Site: Domain_name
Find Web pages only on the specified domain. If we search a specific site, usually we get the Web structure of the domain.



Advanced Operators: “Filetype:”

Filetype: extension_type

Find documents with specified extensions

The supported extensions are:

– HyperText Markup Language (html) – Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt)
– Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf) – Microsoft Word (doc)
– Adobe PostScript (ps) – Microsoft Works (wks, wps, wdb)
– Lotus 1-2-3 – Microsoft Excel (xls)
(wk1, wk2, wk3, wk4, wk5, wki, wks, wku) – Microsoft Write (wri)
– Lotus WordPro (lwp) – Rich Text Format (rtf)
– MacWrite (mw) – Shockwave Flash (swf)
– Text (ans, txt)

Note: We actually can search asp, php and cgi, pl files as long as it is text-compatible.

Example: Budget filetype: xls

Advanced Operators “Intitle:”

Intitle: search_term

Find search term within the title of a Webpage

Allintitle: search_term1 search_term2 search_term3
Find multiple search terms in the Web pages with the title that includes all these words

These operators are specifically useful to find the directory lists

Find directory list:
Intitle: Index.of “parent directory”

Advanced Operators “Inurl:”

Inurl: search_term
Find search term in a Web address

Allinurl: search_term1 search_term2 search_term3
Find multiple search terms in a Web address

Inurl: cgi-bin
Allinurl: cgi-bin password

Advanced Operators “Intext;”

Intext: search_term
Find search term in the text body of a document.

Allintext: search_term1 search_term2 search_term3
Find multiple search terms in the text body of a document.

Intext: Administrator login
Allintext: Administrator login

Advanced Operators: “Cache:”

Cache: URL
Find the old version of Website in Google cache

Sometimes, even the site has already been updated, the old information might be found in cache


Advanced Operators

Conduct a number range search by specifying two numbers, separated by two periods, with no spaces. Be sure to specify a unit of measure or some other indicator of what the number range represents

Advanced Operators: “Daterange:”

Daterange: –

Find the Web pages between start date and end date
Advanced Operators “Link:”

Link: URL
Find the Web pages having a link to the specified URL

Related: URL
Find the Web pages that are “similar” to the specified Web page
info: URL

Present some information that Google has about that Web page
Define: search_term

Provide a definition of the words gathered from various online sources


Define: Network security

Advanced Operators “phonebook:”

Search the entire Google phonebook
Search residential listings only
Search business listings only

in this part you can use google for searching what you want .

just for share and not for hacking tutorial

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